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I am a chemical engineer. I am a profound believer of God and the Virgin Mary. They have always protected and helped me all my life.  I know  that many people prefer not to disclose their religious creeds, but for me it would be a terrible mistake not to thank and publicly recognize all that I have in my life today.  I could tell you so many wonderful things that have been given to me and also so many difficulties, they have got me out of that that I could write a book about it, but this is not the scenario for this.

I love many things in life. I am going to try to put them  in order of importance for me:

First of all, I love Math. Really it is a very beautiful, wonderful and amazing field.. When you get more and more profound involved in all the things you study in this topic you realize that they fulfill all your mental aspirations. When you solve a difficult problem and you experiment that inner satisfaction, you know that this is part of your life.

Second, I love to study computers and programming. In essence it  is the same. You join the  elaboration of a program to math and zaz!!!! You have accomplished  all that you wanted. Now I can rest with my third preference: Chess. Here you do not have Math but you have profound mental reasoning  and that is enough for me.

Now I am not so intelligent as I would like. I am not pretending to say that I am an expert in all these things. What I am pretending to say is that they get me full of enjoyment and that is one of the things we, the human beings look in the life.

Let us analyze an example. If you see the program called Pente in my website www.marioduarte.net and you play against the computer, surely you will win it. But I assure you that you have to think carefully, otherwise you can lose. It took months for me to elaborate this program in java, but when I finished it, I felt very proud of myself.

So far you have realized that I have a terrible defect. I am not a good writer. Not everybody is perfect!!!.

I like to laugh of myself and I try not to be very serious. I want to quote a sentence of  Wolfang  Amadeus Mozart ( I am almost sure he is the author of this) that said: “I don’t trust people who never laugh. They are not serious people”. Caution!!! don’t confound  what I am saying with the meaning that I am not  responsible and that when I have to be serious I  will not  be. Surely that I  will be it. In fact one of the most important traits in an individual is the responsibility. This is one of the things I try to convey to my students when I am explaining to them some problems. Many  Times I draw in the board, before to begin the problem a circle. Then when they are thinking that I am going to give a lecture about how to explain the concept of  the constant Pi,  I draw inside the circle the eyes the nose and a very big smile!!!. And I say to them. This is the way you have to display your attitude when you are studying math. Always  happy and confident of yourselves!!!. I assure you that many times they have changed their attitude, and later they have told me that with this on mind they have been able to solve  many problems, that they had no ever solved !!.


My Portfolio  About me  My Resume  My Philosophy on Education  Math  Projects  Lesson Plans  Games and Puzzles

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